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I was doing fine. I own a successful tattoo shop. I have good friends.
Just fine.
And then she comes back into my life and pops up everywhere.
She betrayed me in the worst possible way and now I can't escape her. 
What's worse, I'm not sure I want to. 

Everyone makes mistakes when they are young...
Nearly fifteen years later and I'm still paying for mine. 
I've managed to keep moving forward and have found something resembling happiness.
Everything is thrown off course when a friend needs my help and I'm hurled right into my past.
Now I'm forced to face the man that was once my best friend, my lover, my everything.
Haunting blue eyes and all.

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“Judge me all you want. I apologize for nothing. She may have been my father’s wife, but I saw her first.”


Twenty years of pure torture. Twenty years of watching the only woman that I’ve ever come close to loving married to someone else. 
Twenty years of pleading with her to change her mind. Of being jerked around, frustrated, and confused.
Now he’s gone, and the question is, was it ever real? 
Or was it just the thrill of the chase?


Twenty years of pain. Of watching the choices of my youth destroy everyone I love.
Of being so near to what I crave, but fighting temptation with everything I have.
One act of selfish weakness tore apart so many lives, and I won’t ever allow that to happen again.
No matter how many sacrifices I've had to make, I have only one regret . . .

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My life is golden. I truly have it all. Women, a fast paced racing career, fame, a massive house, and plenty of money.
Yeah, life is sweet.
Of course, since I’m an Adamson the smooth ride is over as my past comes crashing through making everything complicated.
Easy is my comfort zone. Difficult is my nightmare.

My life has been anything but simple. I’ve seen things that will haunt me for the rest of my life.
Still, I refuse to let fear control me. I will face every challenge head on and find a way to prove everyone wrong. It may be difficult, but I will make the world better.
Taking the easy way out is not an option.

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I have an incredible life. It’s exactly the way I’ve always wanted it. Even though I’m an Adamson, I’ve earned every bit of the life I have today.
I’ve made sacrifices but regret nothing. Who needs love, kids and a white picket fence?
Not me.
That is until a fast-paced, charismatic, yet broken-beyond-belief racer starts screwing with my head and okay, maybe my heart, too.

We all have demons. A past that haunts us. I’ve tried like hell to overcome mine and move forward.
And I’ve done pretty well for myself.
Now, when my past and present collide, I have to decide which direction to go. 
I’ve always been one to go with my heart, but what happens when the ghost of my past and the key to my future both own a piece?

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Everyone thinks they know Evie. She’s the sweet, innocent, quiet Adamson. She's the good one. 

That couldn’t be more wrong. 

We’re all a little broken. We all have things we hide and that haunt us.

When Evie’s secrets come out, we'll all see just how wrong we were. 

Never assume you know someone.

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adamson family