Unbroken Signed Paperback

Unbroken Signed Paperback

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Unbroken Signed Paperback


    It was supposed to be a job, plain and simple.
    But it became so much more than that. I fell hard for Michael Monroe and ruined my life in the process.
    I lost everything I cared about. But in the end, I did what I came to do.
    He's back with his family, starting to heal. And I’m left with a crippling addiction to that same charming, damaged boy-turned-man.

    I have my family back, but I lost her.
    I let her in more than anyone before. And now, she's gone, taking my secrets with her.
    Part of me is happy she’s far away from me. The other part aches to be near her again.
    When it comes to Dani, I don't mind this crippling addiction.

    *Unbroken is part 2 of Michael and Dani's story. It's recommended that you read part 1, Unbreakable before reading this one.