Unbridled Signed Paperback

Unbridled Signed Paperback

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  • About the Book


    I'm living the dream. I'm the starting wide receiver for a Big 12 college football team. I have a full ride scholarship. On paper, I have it made.
    Just one problem with that, though, it's someone else's dream.
    Now I’m bridled with rules and curfews stuck in a classroom when I would rather be back home, working at my brother’s custom car and motorcycle shop.
    To top it all off, she's back in my life. The one girl that turns me into a total dumbass. 
    And she wants nothing to do with me.


    I'm finally in college. I'm exactly where I want to be. Free of my religious father. Well, for the most part. I'm living my life the right way, and if I fall out of line, I always have my dear friend Rachel right there to correct me.
    But then everything changes when I see him again. The man that makes me brave and cowardly all at once.
    I know deep down I need to keep him away, but he’s just not taking the hint. He sees it as a challenge.  
    And I know Lucas Monroe never backs down from a challenge.