Unbreakable Signed Paperback

Unbreakable Signed Paperback

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Unbreakable Paperback


    I messed up. In every single way imaginable. I've let down everyone I’ve ever cared about. Now, I’m determined to make it right.
    I’m back, and I’m totally at the mercy of Shriller and Jax, family friends.
    And her.
    The one woman I’m convinced will be the end of me. The toughest addiction I’ve ever faced.

    Desperation is a funny thing. Out of college with no job and slowly running out of money, I’m the epitome of desperate.
    Desperate to prove myself. Desperate not to be the spoiled girl with daddy issues.
    Desperate enough to take a job that’ll push me to my breaking point.
    I can do this. I have to.
    I just have to keep reminding myself not to fall for the charming, damaged boy-turned-man who holds secrets deeper than I could have ever imagined.