Unacceptable Signed Paperback

Unacceptable Signed Paperback

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Unacceptable Signed Paperback


    I’m a Monroe. 
    My last name has defined me for as long as I can remember.
    How I loved. How I lived. Who I am. 
    As proud as I am to be a Monroe and as much as I love my family, I need to break free from their sometimes-stifling protection. 
    It’s time to find out who I am, apart from being the youngest of this strong, tight-knit family. 

    I’m a broken man. 
    But I didn't get here completely on my own. 
    I was pushed into this hell I live in. Now, I’m determined to make my greatest enemy and former friend, Michael Monroe, pay.
    And I know exactly how to do it. I will break him. And I’ll go through her to do it, even if it kills me.

    ***This is technically the final book in the Monroe Family series. Although it can be read as a standalone, I strongly urge you to read Unbreakable and Unbroken (at least) to better connect with this story.