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Restorations  Signed Paperback

Restorations Signed Paperback

SKU: RestorationsPB

Restorations Paperback


    The Sterlings have been through hell. They’ve each made mistake after mistake while trying to climb out of their grief and guilt and recover from an unimaginable tragedy that had a ripple effect of consequences reaching far further than their own lives.
    It seems the youngest Sterling may never find peace after everything that’s happened. But the love he has for his nephew is more powerful than any amount of pride.
    The family is back together.
    Can they help him find his identity and restore his heart? And will that lead him to his true love?
    All will be revealed in the final book of The Sterlings.

    Reading Restrictions before this one is a must! Highly recommended to read Regrets, Restrictions and Restrained first

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