Misbehaved Signed Paperback

Misbehaved Signed Paperback

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Misbehaved Signed Paperback


    I have an incredible life. It’s exactly the way I’ve always wanted it. Even though I’m an Adamson, I’ve earned every bit of the life I have today.
    I’ve made sacrifices but regret nothing. Who needs love, kids and a white picket fence?
    Not me.
    That is until a fast-paced, charismatic, yet broken-beyond-belief racer starts screwing with my head and okay, maybe my heart, too.

    We all have demons. A past that haunts us. I’ve tried like hell to overcome mine and move forward.
    And I’ve done pretty well for myself.
    Now, when my past and present collide, I have to decide which direction to go. 
    I’ve always been one to go with my heart, but what happens when the ghost of my past and the key to my future both own a piece?