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Two people drifting through life—one on a firmly established plan, the other with no plans at all.

Both believing they know exactly what they want.

But what happens when a chance encounter is so electrifying that everything they believe is threatened with destruction?

Suddenly fixated on each other. Will it make them stronger? Or will everything come crashing down? 

An addiction so strong, the high will be unforgettable, but the inevitable low will be devastating.

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Four years ago, my life changed forever.
Some see it as a vast improvement. 
I’m not so sure. The guilt from my betrayal has haunted me from day one. 
I knew my past would catch up to me. So when it comes crashing back into my life, I know the time has come to finally make it right. 
My path to redemption won’t be easy. But I've always been up for a challenge.


My life was never golden, but I had everything I needed. Then four years ago, everything changed. 
I lost everything important to me, including myself. 
I’m not certain I’m capable of forgiveness. So when the past comes back into my life, there will be no absolution for him in my heart.

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Vengeful Bastard

Sean is a normal guy. Has a great job as a photographer. Drives a new car, but not overly flashy. Has his small group of friends.
Yeah he's just your run of the mill average Joe.
Except, is anyone really all that normal?
The secrets Sean harbors run deep. Stemmed from agony deep inside and a thirst for vengeance.

Melody is perceived as the beautiful spoiled princess that fell for a beautiful, confident stranger many years ago.

Two polar opposites. One night that changed everything without either of them knowing it.

Can love conquer all? With the help from a mysterious stranger, Adele. Who you may all know from a certain Cocky character's life. Unlucky in love herself. Anything is possible.

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We were each other’s retreat until it all fell apart . . .


Why didn’t I just stick to the plan?
This is a question that haunts me every day. I had a great job and a solid circle of friends.
Then, everything fell apart . . . because I didn’t stick to the plan—never get involved, just enjoy life. 
I was an idiot, but never again. From now on, I stay far away from relationships and feelings. That’s not who I am. It’s time to get back to the real me.

He doesn’t see me. 
I was pathetic, a ridiculous girl following her older brother’s best friend around like a lost puppy. Watching him with every other woman on the planet. Fantasizing about what it would be like to be them.
I was a fool to believe if I just put myself out there and told him I loved him maybe, just maybe, he would truly notice me. 
Never again. I’m moving on. I’m not the pitiful girl I once was. I’m stronger and wiser, ready to take on the world. And nothing, especially my stupid heart, will stop me.

Now there’s nothing left to do except withdraw from each other.

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I’m an addict.
I’ve been abused, and I’ve been the abuser.
My entire life has been a blur, filled with misery and anguish.
I’m trying my best to stay clean and lucid even when my world feels dark.
Now, I have to stay away from the woman who makes everything murky and complicated.

I’ve always been a toy for others to use.
A spoiled, broken girl who’s never been seen because no one ever tried.
He sees me though. Holding up a mirror and showing me exactly who I am with absolute clarity.
Is that a good thing?
I’m not sure.

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How do you heal after tragedy? 

Is it even truly possible?

Ashlyn and Garrett have been friends forever, nursing each other

through the unimaginable. Over the years, they’ve learned to lean on each other and keep going. 

But there’s a huge difference between moving forward and merely standing still.

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It’s always been Shaw and Carter against the world. Life has never been easy, but they’ve found solace in each other. Together they are strong and combat the hell they were born into. 

School is ending, and choices must be made. But with change comes pain. And both seek a better life.

Can they survive the harsh reality of their decisions?

One thing is for sure: they were both born with fierce determination. 

And they’re ready for the fight.

**This book contains sensitive subjects that may be upsetting to some readers.

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My entire world has been rocked with a loss, and I need to escape.
With nothing left to lose, I leave behind the place I grew up and the memories haunting me there.
I trust no one. Then I meet him. And he won’t stay out of my way.



I trust few. I work hard and mind my own business.
But when a friend of a friend needs help, unfortunately, I can’t seem to do that.
On the outside, she seems utterly broken. But I see that fire in her flickering under the surface.
She’s been through hell, but I’m insanely desperate to bring her back.
I know plenty about recovery, after all.

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Clarity Ebook-1.jpg
Fight Ebook-2.jpg